Why didn't Daddy eat his pizza???

Batman Villains Edit

Why does the Joker look like a joker? Why does the Penguin look like a penguin? Why does Catwoman look like a cat? But the most important question, why didn't Daddy eat his pizza? THEORY NO.1 is that maybe...Daddy is really Mr. Zsasz in disguise! Well, they both have tans! Could Daddy be Mr. Zsasz? Let's see:

Robbie: Mr. Zsasz, are you my daddy?

Zsasz: He live thousands of year ago, Harry. For all we know, he could be.

GASP! Mr. Zsasz isn't Daddy, he's Hermione Granger!

Zsasz: Yes, I'm Hermione Granger the nerdy Muggle-born! HAHAHA! Avada Kedavra!

Ha! She's missed! The Muggle-born ain't killing me yet!

Zsasz/Hermione: HAHAHA!

Quick! I must get to the Portkey! AAAAAHHHHHggguyfftyftydctyfdyt1234567890...

Four in One! Edit

Phew! I narrowly missed Hermione's Unfriendly Wrath! Where am I? Oh, in the Village of Four in One! Boring! Back to da Portkey! AAAAAAAHHHHHHkhuiiufiygiyhufyuvguuig1234567890...

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