These are all characters in Robbie's Adventures!



Robert "Robbie" William Ayres is the main character and hero of the series. His ultimate mission is to keep Awsum City safe. He has black hair and glasses. Robbie is a Blackbelt at Robjitsu and has received the Key to the Universe for defeating evil. Robbie has a bit of help sometimes from his friends and family but he mostly works solo.


Cyborg is Robbie's cyborg sister. She has a robotic tongue and a robotic arm that can turn into weapons. She sometimes works with Robbie to destroy alien enemies. Cyborg is a master of disguise and has escaped Death more than once.


Android ArmyEdit

The Android Army is an army of evil android controlled by the Cardiacus. They have guns and machetes but are easy to defeat. Robbie and Cyborg can defeat the Android Army easily.

"Andy" the AndroidEdit

Andy the Android is an android from the Android Army. Andy's head can detach anytime he feels like it. Andy also has a Scottish accent and is armed wth a bullet-shooting bagpipe.


Bicycle is a human-bike cyborg. He has a Bulgarian accent and is described as vulgar and violent. In the Ultimate Battle, Bicycle flees because ABBA is playing a concert at Serpentine Falls live. However, he truly flees because Vikor Krum arrives with bottles of Butterbeer for everyone.

Bionic BubbitEdit

The Bionic Bubbit (real name revealed to be Rachel) is a crazy maniac woman in a spider-like robot machine called the Arachnophobix. She lives in her cold base in Antarctica. Her first appearance involved her trying to turn Awsum City into an icy wasteland, however Robbie short-circuited her and the Bubbit fled. The Bionic Bubbit then appeared as being third-in-command in the Penguin Pack. She and a bunch of Ninja Penguins fight Robbie but all are defeated.


Cardiacus is an alien lifeform that turn inanimate objects into animate objects, which is how it created Cyborgius and the Android Army. After Robbie and Cyborg defeat Cyborgius they find Cardiacus and capture it. However, an Acromantula steals it and takes it to Wella Witch. Wella tries to disect Cardiacus but it escapes and re-animates Cyborgius. Cyborgius attacks Awsum City until Robbie and Cyborg show up. Robbie throws a grenade at Cyborgius, destroying Cyborgius and Cardiacus.


Death (also known as Snakebite) are an evil group of villains known for being particularly violent. Death attacks Awsum City on Halloween night until Robbie comes to the rescue. Death's leader, Serpent, attacks Robbie but Robbie does the Ultimate Robjitsu Attack on Serpent, which sends Serpent flying off to Egypt. After seeing Serpent being defeated, the rest of Death flee Awsum City and vow never to return.

Dumbledore, AlbusEdit

Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts until Severus Snape killed him. However, Death comes and puts a robotic battery into Dumbledore, making him alive and part-robot. Dumbledore attacks a Fruit and Veg Shop and steals all the dried fruits until Robbie comes to the rescue. Dumbledore's robotic mind kicks in and Dumbledore turns into Dumbletron. Dumbletron attacks Robbie but Robbie escapes. Robbie then creates a robot called Hagridtron and brings Hagridtron. Dumbletron and Hagridtron fight. Dumbletron shoots but Hagridtron uses a shield, then gets out his cute, pink umbrella and blasts Dumbletron to pieces.


Emmitt is part-human, part-reptile. He inherits his condition by notorious killer in Gotham City, Killer Croc. Emmitt travels from Gotham to Awsum through the sewers and attempts to drown Awsum City. However, Robbie comes and defeats Emmitt. In jail, Emmitt tries to bite through the iron bars, but fails.


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