Bionic Bubbit (originally called Bubbcicle) is an evil Bubbit from the Asteroid Belt that wants to take over Awesome City, and then the world!!! She is inside a spider-like robot and lives in the icy regions of Antarctica as her evil BASE!

The Beastly Battle of the Bionic BubbitEdit

Here, the Bionic Bubbit attempts to fulfill her dizziest daydream, turning Awesome City into an icy wasteland. She uses her Icy Not-So-Nicey Gun 2000 on the city but then Robbie comes and uses his Hot Chilli Sauce to melt the ice. He then squirts Chilli Sauce at Bionic Bubbit, short-circuiting her. Bubbit flees, and Awesome City is once again awesome.

The Perilous Plan of the Penguin Pack Pt.2Edit

Bionic Bubbit: Poo-poo. I did air poop. Stinky.

Robbie: That’s nice Rachel, that’s nice.

Bionic Bubbit: Thank you Robert William Ayres.

Robbie: Shut it!

Bionic Bubbit: Thowwy (Sorry).


Bionic Bubbit: LOL. Hi LOL.

Robbie: LOL yourself Billy Ray Cyrus!

Bionic Bubbit: HAHAHA!!!


In the Perilous Plan of the Penguin Pack Pt. 2, Bionic Bubbit is 3rd-in-command of the Penguin Pack and orders a group of Ninja Penguins to attack Robbie, although Robbie eventually defeats the Ninja Penguins. Robbie then verse the Bionic Bubbit and wins by kicking Bionic Bubbit off the edge of the Mountain. After the Penguin Master learns of the Bionic Bubbit's recent defeat, he gets angry and orders an immediate attack on Robbie.


  • The Bionic Bubbit's real name may be Rachel because in their second encounter, Robbie calls the Bionic Bubbit, Rachel.
  • The Bionic Bubbit was mentioned at The Easter Special. She was mentioned by Mother Bubbit as being particularly crazy on Easter, and that she was glad the Bionic Bubbit was not there.
  • In the Bionic Bubbit's final battle, Robbie calls the Bionic Bubbit "Billy Ray Cyrus". This is unknown why, but the Bionic Bubbit had the same DNA as Miley Cyrus. The Bionic Bubbit was disappointed, saying that she wanted the same DNA as Taylor Swift.
  • Whenever the Bionic Bubbit says something sarcastically, she uses a lisp.

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